Fine line tattoo studio in Valencia (Spain)

What is Grisáceos Ink?

Grisáceos Ink is a fine line tattoo studio in Valencia. The fine line tattoo style is perfect for all of you who have an aesthetic, minimalist and elegant liking. Or even for those who have never even considered to get tattooed, given that the most remarkable characteristic of this style is that it is simple and minimalist.

I myself used to say that I didn't wanted to get a tattoo or that I didn't liked tattoos a few years back. Why? Because the concept that I had in mind when I thought of a tattoo were the big ones: dark, huge and from styles that didn't match my personality, until I discovered on the Internet that there were small tattoos fine lined. Simple and minimalist. I also learned that the name of that style was named 'fine line tattoos'. So, when I was looking for a studio to get my first tattoo I couldn't find any fine line tattoo studio in Valencia. All the studios that I found that claimed to do little tattoos and minimalist tattoos were still big to my eyes and I couldn't understand how could it be harder to get tattooed something so simple as a heart outline in a fine line than getting a portrait tattooed or the face of a lion with all its details. Three years had to pass by until I found someone that was capable of doing what I wanted.

The concept of what everyone considers a 'tattoo' is getting old. We're now embracing new ideas and styles. People like me, who would have never though about getting a tattoo, have now tons of little tattoos (or minis) that carry such an elegance and fineness, adjectives that before weren't tattoo-related. That's why I started my own studio: I wanted to expand the idea of fine line and little tattoos. I wanted to break the old idea that a tattoo couldn't be minimalist, fine or simple.

So, when I opened my fine line tattoo studio in Valencia I wanted the studio to transmit all this too: lightness, harmony, simpleness, calm, trust... But above all professionalism.

If you are looking for fine line/little tattoos in Valencia come visit me so we can get to know each other, tell me your idea and I'll let you know about the whole process.

- Did you know they do this with needles?

- Really? Because mine was licked on by kittens!

- Phoebe and Rachel get tattoos in a FRIENDS episode

Who is behind Grisáceos Ink?

Grisáceos it's me, Carla!

The only person behind the counter and my social media. When you get to the studio I'll be the one you'll say hi too, or the one that will answer your Instagram DMs or comments. I really value the feeling you can get when you trust someone's work that much to get tattooed. What's special and personal about Grisáceos Ink is that I'm not a big studio with many different tattoo artists where you don't know "which one you're going to get" when you ask for information. You'll live the whole process with me, from your first visit to the studio, telling me your idea, create your design, get tattooed and get to know about the healing process. I'll also be the one who will answer your questions, sell a print or give you a quote to get your tattoo done. So I really appreciate your patience because I'm the one that runs the tattoo studio, and I'm the one that tattoo's, designs, ships the sold prints, answers your emails or DMs on social media and the one that updates social media too.

Amistat (Metro line 5 and 7)

30, 31, 32, 40, 81

(Appointment needed) M to F 11-13:30 / 17-20:30