7 ideas for Valencian tattoos

There can be various reasons why you might want to get a Valencian tattoo, whether it's because you were born in this beautiful city (in case you didn't know, I am a tattoo artist in Valencia, and my studio is located in a neighborhood of the same city), you are studying or working here temporarily, or because you are visiting and have fallen in love with the light of its streets. If you are thinking of buying a postcard or a souvenir magnet, why not a tattoo? It will be the best souvenir you can carry with you forever.

Here are 7 ideas for Valencian tattoos to carry on your skin and remember Valencia fondly:

1. Valencian oranges are a great Valencian tattoo

I don't know if you know this, but the orange is the fruit that represents the city of Valencia. The orange is like paella: if it's from Valencia, it tastes much better.

If you've walked the streets of Valencia, you've surely encountered countless orange trees. If you look closely you can find oranges everywhere. Even our famous cocktail 'Agua de Valencia' includes orange juice as an ingredient. So, if you are a fruit lover, a good Valencian tattoo for you could be an orange or, if you prefer something more minimalist, an orange slice. It's a very discreet and cute tattoo that can look great on your skin.

Orange branch tattoo made in a fine line tattoo studio in Valencia

2. Palm trees from 'la terreta'

What is more abundant in Valencia: orange trees or palm trees? It's a mystery we may never solve, but one thing is certain—Valencia is not lacking in palm trees. You can find many of them along the seafront promenade, reminding us of summer, the beach, sunshine, and the pleasant weather that Valencia is known for. If you love the sea, summer is your favorite season, and you would sunbathe every day, then the palm tree is the Valencian tattoo that you must have on your skin. Additionally, there are many styles of palm trees, with varying levels of detail, that you can choose from to best suit the area of your body or your personal taste.

Idea de tatuaje valenciano: palmera Valencian tattoo idea: palm tree

3. Historic Valencian buildings: there are thousands to choose from, each more beautiful than the last

If you've toured Valencia, explored all its streets, and traversed the Turia River from one end to the other, perhaps there is a building or monument that has particularly captivated or impressed you. Whether it's the Torres de Serrano, the Torres de Quart, the Valencia Cathedral and El Miguelete, or the famous City of Arts and Sciences. If you appreciate architecture and tend to focus on buildings when you walk and visit a new city, then the Valencian tattoo that best represents you might be a Valencian monument. With many styles to choose from, ranging from classic to modern, you can personalize it and select the one you like the most. For instance, an Italian student decided to commemorate his experience by getting a tattoo of the Oceanogràfic with fireworks in the background. What do you think?

Idea de tatuaje valenciano: oceanogràfic con fuegos artificiales Valencian tattoo idea: oceanogràfic with fireworks

4. Flowers, because I can buy myself floweeeeers

In case you didn't know, Valencia is known as the land of flowers, light, and love. Valencia, designated as the European Green Capital for 2024, boasts numerous parks and areas with flowers and vegetation. If you love nature, you shouldn't leave Valencia without visiting the Botanical Garden, the 'Jardín de las Flores' (within Parc Central), the Turia River, the Albufera, the Viveros Park, or the Bridge of Flowers. And if you happen to be in Valencia at the end of July, you shouldn't miss the Battle of the Flowers, a parade held every year on the Alameda street to close the July Fair, an event where several floats parade and the public throws orange and yellow flowers at them, filling the streets with color. So, getting a tattoo of some little flowers could also be a great idea for a Valencian tattoo.

Idea de tatuaje valenciano: flores de Valencia Valencian tattoo idea: Valencia flowers

5. A postage stamp for an eternal journey, just like your Valencian tattoo is eternal

If you consider yourself an adventurous or travel-loving person who likes to plan little getaways whenever possible and loves discovering new places, then the postage stamp tattoo might be perfect for you. Since postage stamps travel through different cities and countries, they serve as a great reminder of your time in the city of Valencia. Additionally, stamps are highly customizable, so you can design the stamp with whatever you like best. You can choose to incorporate one of the ideas I mentioned earlier. For instance, one girl got a stamp with oranges and orange blossoms and added the number 4 because it was the number of the apartment she lived in while in Valencia. You can add your favorite number or the date you traveled to Valencia.

Idea de tatuaje valenciano: sello postal personalizado con unas naranjas y flores de naranjo Valencian tattoo idea: postage stamp from your Valencia journey

6. Fire (or a cute little flame) as an obvious reference to the most Valencian festival. The Fallas!

The most famous and well-known festival in Valencia is Las Fallas. When someone discovers them for the first time they are mesmerized. It seems incredible that once a year giant monuments made of white cork are created and placed throughout the city, only to be set on fire every March 19th until they are reduced to ashes. So, if there's something us Valencians really like it's fire. Therefore, a beautiful Valencian tattoo could be a red flame.

Idea de tatuaje valenciano: fuego Valencian tattoo idea: fire (cute little flame)

7. A heart in flames, because there's nothing more Valencian than 'tindre el cor encés en flama' (having your heart set on fire, as the Fallas hymn says).

If the previous idea doesn't fully convince you and you want to add another little detail, a heart in flames could be the Valencian tattoo that represents you. There's a well-known phrase among all Valencians from the Valencia anthem that goes "Tinc el cor encés en flama" (I have my heart set on fire). This phrase alludes to our beloved Fallas, as many Valencians live our festivals from the heart. Moreover, if you find it too simple, you can always add the phrase to complement it.

Idea de tatuaje valenciano: tinc el cor encés en flama Valencian tattoo idea: tinc el cor encés en flama

As an extra, I wanted to mention that every year, in March, I create flash designs inspired by Las Fallas that could give you ideas for your Valencian tattoo. Soon, I'll create a post exclusively discussing Fallas designs, but for now, here's the template of the latest Fallas flash.

plantilla flash tattoo fallas Valencia 2024

I hope you liked these 7 Valencian tattoo ideas and that they serve as inspiration for your new tattoo. If you have a new idea that you think should be in this post or if you want me to tattoo you, send me a message through the contact form (or a private DM on Instagram to my account @grisaceos.ink) letting me know about your tattoo idea, and let's make it happen!

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