Mini tattoos

Valid from July 17th to July 31st, 2023. Maximum size 3x3cms

Schedule an appointment is mandatory. No walk ins for this offer.

If you want to schedule a specific date let me know using the contact form shown at the end of this page and I'll let you know if I have availability

1 x 40€
2 x 60€
3 x 75€

What kind of tattoo styles are part of the special offer?

Fine line style. Simple lined tattoos without shadows or filling. Words that are not bigger than 3cms using a manuscript font are included too.
You can send me your ideas through e-mail at , an Instagram DM or a WhatsApp text message at +34623984343 and I'll let you know if they can be included in this special offer

Can it be coloured ink?

The price applies using black ink only. If you want to add other color (red, orange, pink or purple) there's an extra charge of +5€

What's the maximum size?

The maximum tattoo size for this offer is 3x3cms

Can I share this special offer with someone else?

The price applies only to one person

If I want more than 3 tattoos, what's their price?

After the 3rd tattoo each extra tattoo price is 20€, so it would be 4x95€, 5x115€, and so on...

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