Carla Grisáceos

I guess it's because I'm really passionate about art and I always want to try everything I can. I have always drawn, and since I never stopped doing it I got better and better each year. Since I was little I have always been passionate about crafts and everything that was related to painting, drawing and creating in general.

I started studying Fine Arts and because of different reasons I dropped it for Artistic Photography at the Advanced School for Arts and Design of Valencia (EASD for its initials in Spanish). I realized that creating a photo was like drawing in a fast and simple way, and it made me experiment with drawing too, avoiding pure realism and trying different techniques. Thanks to the studies on Artistic Photography I met my partner and that led us to create d’Althea, where we do photo and video assignments. Even though that is our joint project we also have our individual passions, which meant never stopping drawing and wanting to try new things lead me to begin tattooing.

And I did it quite late. Since, as I mentioned, I'm afraid of blood and needles, they make me pass out. So how did everything change? Because of fine line. Fine line is a very minimalistic and simple style and the impact on the skin is very little, which makes the skin less prone to suffer and barely bleed. For me this kind of tattoos is like drawing on someone else's skin, and when I get tattooed under this style I don't feel I'm getting a needle stick but instead I feel like someone is drawing something in my skin forever.

Because of the way I am I'm very patient and very empathic with people that are also afraid of blood and needles. If you're like me and that fear is the only thing that is getting in the middle between you and your desire to get a tattoo I can assure you that you will barely notice it, and we'll take as much time as you need so you can feel comfortable. Remember: in your head it will be much worse than it actually is.