Leave the protective film on your skin for at least 2 hours and then remove it after washing your hands with soap


Wash the tattoo with cold water and neutral soap (hands or body soap)


Dry it using a clean towel or paper towels using a soft-touch technique (small touches). Do not drag the towel around the tattoo area.


Once it's perfectly dried put a fine layer of tattoo healing lotion (Bepanthol, Easy Tattoo, Aquapor, Vegan Tattoo, Easy Tattoo...). You can purchase it at my studio or in any pharmacy/drug store.


  • Do not cover the tattoo again with film once the original film is removed. Your skin needs to breathe. The initial film is used to avoid friction or getting your clothes stained with ink/blood.
  • Do not scratch or remove the scab. After a week or so you may have scab around the tattoo. That's because your skin is healing. If you remove it you may take some ink with it and make part of the tattoo disappear.
  • Do not use Nivea lotion, vaseline, petroleum jelly or any other body lotion that is not specific for tattoo healing. Those lotions do not have the adequate properties/ingredients to heal your skin recently tattooed. They might even have alcohol which may irritate your skin and/or they may not let your skin breathe.
  • Do not swim in the swimming pool or the ocean/sea. At least the first two weeks after getting tattooed. Salt water or chlorine may irritate the tattoo.
  • Do not let the sun directly hit the tattoo. You can be around the street, and you can also be at the beach, but sun rays must not hit directly the tattoo. You must cover the tattoo with clothes during the first two weeks after getting tattooed.
  • Avoid sweating for at least the first 24 hours. Sweating may irritate your tattoo, so if you like to practice any kind of sport I would suggest to take special care with sport equipment (gym machines, weights, sport balls, bands....) that could scratch the tattoo and maintain a proper hygiene when you finish practising your favourite sport.
  • When taking a shower avoid extreme hot water on the tattoo area to avoid irritation. Also, while washing the tattoo area, avoid using a sponge around it so you don't scratch your skin too much.

Some skins may be more sensitive or may suppurate more, that's why I suggest to start the healing lotion routine the next day after getting tattooed, so the skin can breathe better during the first hours after getting it done and we avoid over hydrate it. But remember: even though we don't use healing lotion the first 24 hours the first 3 steps are mandatory. It's really important to wash the tattoo with soap and perfectly dry the tattoo area.

If you have any questions during the healing process don't hesitate to contact me!


It's my first tattoo and I'm afraid it might hurt

Don't worry, we'll take as much time as you need and I'll explain the whole process. We'll do it slowly, step by step and we won't start until you feel 100% sure. What's also great about fine line tattoos is that being so fine and small it doesn't hurt as much as it could hurt a big one with all the details. In the end the impact of the needle in the skin is lesser than a big one, so is not only less time to do it, it's also less suffer on the skin. Anyway, each person has a different threshold to pain and there are parts of the body that are more sensitive than others. I'll try to give you as much information as you need so you can have a great first experience.

How much does a tattoo cost?


The price depends on the design, size or part of the body of your choice, or if you want just one or multiple colours. That's why I need all this information to give you a proper quote according to your idea/needs. Is not the same to get a 2 cms outline of a heart in your arm than getting a sentence tattooed in your ribs, for instance. There are parts of the body that are harder to tattoo or designs that will take me longer to create and all that has to be considered. That's why I suggest you to send me a message and I'll give you a more estimate quote.


Do you do piercings?

No, I only do fine line tattoos. I don't do piercings, nor sell jewellery or piercing materials. As a matter of fact I think I couldn't do piercings for a living, I would pass out just to imagine myself doing it.


My friends and I want to get tattooed the same day. Can we do it at the same time?

Of course! I'll need to know how many of you will get tattooed so I can find a bigger spot in my schedule in order to fit you all at the same time without needing to hurry up. If you let me know on the same day it's very likely that I have someone else already scheduled before you so, as little as the tattoo might be, I need to clean the supplies, sanitize and get the stretcher ready again which that takes time. But if your appointment is properly scheduled there won't be any problem!

If I go to the studio without an appointment scheduled, can you tattoo me?


I usually work under scheduled appointments so I can control the time needed to each tattoo. That gives me the opportunity to offer the best attention possible. If you come without an appointment and I'm free without a tattoo scheduled on the same day there's no problem to tattoo you without an appointment (as long as the design allows it and it doesn't require many hours to do it). But if the time is not right or if I'm already with a client we can check the earliest gap in my schedule so you can get tattooed as soon as possible.


How many tattoos can I get on the appointment?

As many as you'd like! But it's important to let me know as soon as possible how many tattoos you want to get so I can get them ready for your appointment, and also give you an appointment when I'm able to do all of them at the same time. If you don't let me know prior to your appointment I might not be able to do them if I have another tattoo scheduled after yours. But as far as I'm concerned: no problem at all! In fact we can get the most out of the needle and the ink we are already using on you so it would be cheaper to get more tattoos at the same time than on different days.


I have an idea of what I want but I'm not sure if I want to get it tattooed. Can you do the design and then I decide?

A tattoo is forever, which makes it normal to be doubtful. I can do your tattoo design and modify it according to your needs, but I'll require a payment prior to the creation of the design. If you still want to get it tattooed that payment will be deducted from the final quote. If you're still in doubt it is OK, but the initial payment will not be refunded for the time and work invested in the creation of the tattoo design.

Do fine line tattoos get erased?


Depending on the type of your skin, the part of the body where you get tattooed or the after care you are providing to your tattoo during the healing process. But if they heal properly there shouldn't be any problem. I can give you advise depending on your design regarding which parts of your body the tattoo would look better and which part of your body the tattoo might get erased in time (for example: hands, feet, elbows, knees and/or fingers).