Hiya! Just wanted to welcome to my blog 🙂

Since Instagram it's sometimes a limited platform to explain things I wanted to have a place where I can talk openly about some tattoos ideas, trends, tips and share my experience as a tattoo artist.

If you ended up in this page I have no idea on who I am... I'm Carla! (A.K.A Grisáceos). I'm a professional tattoo artist working at my own tattoo shop named "Grisáceos Ink" located in Valencia (Spain). I'm focused on fine line style. So if you love that style as much as I do take a look at my website and follow me on Instagram!

From time to time I'll also publish some blog posts in here, which I hope they are helpful when it's your time to get tattooed.

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope to see you soon!

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