The different styles for butterfly tattoos

Some of the most recurrent tattoos that I do at my studio in Valencia (Spain), which are also in trend, are the butterfly tattoos. Funnily enough, every one of them has been different from the other. Depending on the personality and liking, each butterfly tattoo matches the person's peculiarity. But before showing you the different kind of butterfly tattoos first I wanted to talk about their meaning.

What does it mean to get a butterfly tattoo?

Rosalía, a very well know Spanish pop-flamenco singer has written a song that goes like this "una mariposa, yo me transformo (a butterfly, I transform myself)". A butterfly has the interior meaning of transformation, evolution change… When you see a butterfly you can see something beautiful at that time, but you have no idea what it has been through. Before being that beautiful butterfly it has also been a worm. There are different moments in life: in some of them we suffer changes and transformation, but they are not always for the best. Every change is important in our lives so we don't get stuck in the same "worm" stage. If right now you're going through something important in your life, if you're overcoming something, if you're fighting or achieving something that you wanted to achieve, a butterfly can be a beautiful reminder of that stage in your life.

But there's also no need or excuse to get something tattooed. A butterfly is also something aesthetically pleasant and can be something really beautiful to have inked in your skin.

Here are some of the different kind of butterfly tattoos that I have been tattooing at my studio in Valencia so you can have some inspiration:

Micro-realist butterflies tattoos

Basically these are the most realistic butterflies. They have slight shadows and many details. Since I'm focused on fine line tattoos I don't like to overdo these kind of butterflies tattoos so they still look minimal and simple.

They can be inked in different sizes, but to show as much detail as possible they should be sized in around 4-6cms approximately.

Estudio de tatuajes en Valencia especializado el línea fina
Micro-realist butterfly tattoo

Minimalist butterfly tattoos

These ones are basically a line-only tattoos. They have no shadows nor filling. These ones are perfect for those who like simple, minimalist style tattoos. They are not overdone. These type of butterflies can be done in small sizes. Depending on the butterfly they can be done in 2-4cms approximately.

Tatuajes de mariposas / butterfly tattoo
Minimalist butterfly tattoos

Mini butterfly tattoos

If the minimalist tattoos are still big for you and you want to take your butterflies to the next level you should consider the mini butterflies. They are really tiny! But in return they have to be very simple. Considering their size they can't have a lot of details. They are basically a silhouette. These kind of butterfly tattoos can be done in 1cm, or even 0,9cms.

Tatuajes de mariposas / butterfly tattoo
Mini butterfly

Skull-like butterflies

If you are into the butterfly shape, but would rather have something not as delicate they can be mixed with a different element. For example a skull. As you can see the image below the shadows inside the butterfly's wings are a skull. These kind of tattoos can hold much more details and can be filled too. But they also need to be big, at least 7cms. The more details and shadows you want it to have, the bigger the size.

Tatuajes de mariposas / butterfly tattoo
Skull-like butterfly

Big butterflies

As I mentioned before, the more details or shadows has a tattoo design, the bigger has the tattoo to be so all it's greatness and beauty can be appreciated. If you want something to cover a big area of your body a big butterfly is the kind of tattoo that you might need, like this one I did in the center of a girl's back. My suggestion is to make it at least of 7-8cms so all the details can be perfectly seen.

Tatuajes de mariposas / butterfly tattoo
Big butterfly tattoo

In the mood for some butterfly tattoo like the ones I just showed? Or maybe a different kind?

If that's the case and you're looking for a tattoo artist in Valencia (Spain) you have found your it, since I love to tattoo butterflies!

Here are some butterflies designed by myself at a reduced cost (starting price 70€) so you can proudly show your new beautiful butterfly tattoo.

But if none of them match your taste you can send me a message by filling my website contact form or sending me an Instagram DM letting me know about your idea so we can work in a tattoo design together.

Plantilla en la que se muestran distintas opciones de tatuajes de mariposas hechas a mano
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